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Proven Formulations

Every day our team of researchers, formulators, and advisors are challenged to create new innovative products and to improve existing ones. This focus on patentable, proprietary blends makes SBC a leader in the industry.

Our highly trained staff will help you create your own private label products from our existing line of SBC products. Our Doctors, PHD’s and chemists can also help you develop a custom, remedy based formulation that addresses a specific need. To learn more, visit our Custom Formulations page.

Custom Formulations Available Now:

To learn more about our products available for private label, click the product name from the list below.

Agaricus Blazei
Algi Complex
Anti-aging Biofend
Anti-inflammatory Etazyme
Anti-inflammatory GHC*
Antioxidant Formula w fruit powder
Allergy/EZ Breathing Caps*
Blood Sugar Support Formula*
Blueberry 5:1
Diet GHC Weight Loss Formula
Diet Pyruvate Plus
Digezyme Plus
Energy Formula
Eye Formula
Fruit Concentrate
GSE 20%- 30 ml bottle w/dropper
GSE 100%-30 ml bottle w/dropper
GSE 33%- 30 ml bottlew/dropper
GSE 60%-30 ml bottle w/dropper
Hair and Nail Formula
Hearing Support Formula
HGH Amino Stack
Holy Basil Leaf Extract
Hangover Formula
Immune Builder Mush Formula
Liver Support Formula
MEL Lactobacillus
MEL Lacto Bifid Probiotic
MEL Lacto Acid 200
Multimin w/Probiotics
MEL Multi Probiotic 4000
Multivitamin w/Probiotic
MEL Probiotic 500
Men's Libido Formula
Nerve Support Formula
Nature's Hair Capsules
PMS Formula
Pet Joint Formula
Pet Calm
Radiation Defense Formula
Reishi C
Sleep Formula Herbal
Sleep with Helicidum
Sleep with Melatonin
Snore Formula Caps
Stress Formula w/Helicidum
Snore Formula Tablets
Skin Anti Wrinkle Serum
Skin Rejuvenator
Vege Greens Concentrate
Women's Libido Formula

Custom Formulations Doctor Formulated


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