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In addition, we offer label design assistance, and in many cases provide the label manufacturing as well. SBC offers clients a full range of packaging, labeling and tamper resistant options, and inventory control. Our fully automated, state of the art, high-speed packaging equipment has the capacity to meet your companies needs. In addition, each container that leaves our facility is stamped with the lot number and expiration date, creating lot control to the component level.

Packaging Options:

Tablets or two-piece capsules (vegetable, gelatin or colored)
  • Bottles – Round or Square
  • Containers – Glass or Plastic
  • Display Boxes
  • Custom Solution
Powder supplements:
  • Individual Serving Packets
  • Composite Cans
  • Custom Solutions

Value Added Services:

  • Secure Label Control
  • Bar Coding
  • Detailed Ingredient Disclosure and Nutritional Values
  • Tamper resistant Neck/Full Body Sleeves
  • Heat Induction Caps to exceed the industry minimums for safety
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