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Custom Formulations

Our team of doctors, PHD’s, chemists and product development specialists will work with you to create new formulas. We've already helped our partners introduce new and unique formulas to the marketplace, and there is no shortage of new ideas. SBC stays ahead of the curve on nutraceutical research and consumer trends to meet or exceed your expectations. We fulfill the needs of our clients while anticipating the demands of the consumer market.

Custom Formulations Doctor Formulated

Inventory and Raw Materials

Our extensive capabilities and expansive inventory allows you the freedom to choose exactly what you want - and the ability for us to deliver! SBC uses a sophisticated GMP certified laboratory and testing facility that enables us to develop high quality nutritional formulations.

Inventory on raw materials is consistently maintained, ensuring on-time delivery for our customers.

Tell us what is hot, we can develop a product for you with an advantage.
Contact us and a specialist will respond as quickly as possible.

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   The highest quality product consistently delivered from SBC's GMP certified manufacturing facilities give us a quality advantage.

- Wojtek, Poland

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