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Quality Assurance

SBC manufacturing facilities closely follow all GMP guidelines, the current gold standard for manufacturing in the United States. Batch records and retained samples are maintained for regulatory inspections by state and local health departments as well as standard GMP certification testing. All SBC facilities are registered manufacturers with the State and Local Health Departments.

Each product is sampled and weighed randomly during the manufacturing process and weighed for compliance. A 100% visual inspection is made of all tablets and capsules at the completion of tableting, coating, and encapsulation. All broken or defective tablets or capsules are removed and rejected by inspection personnel. Each lot of finished product is sampled at the packaging level, and these samples are retained one year beyond the product expiration date. All documentation includes the appropriate lot number of manufacture for subsequent tracking if necessary. All shipments include lot number specific Certificates of Analysis and any additional documentation as required by country.

With SBC, you can be assured of accurate raw material potency and the highest attention to quality control during the manufacturing process. We accomplish this by conducting:

  • Rigorous internal audits
  • Stability studies
  • Equipment and process validation tests
  • Environmental monitoring
The result is on-time delivery of the highest quality supplements from the industry’s most trusted name in nutritional manufacturing – SBC Health Products.

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