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Deducation to Quality

At SBC we carefully monitor and document every step of production, from raw material analysis to final product inspection. The scientific support of our technical services, analytical, quality control and quality assurance groups are unrivaled in our industry.

Custom Formulations Doctor Formulated Our GMP certified manufacturing facilities offer full accountability with vigilant documentation.

We work to continually improve our organization in the way that all work activities are planned, performed, measured, and improved.

Our personnel are trained from the start of their employment and then on a continuous basis. They are tested to monitor the effectiveness of our training.

All phases of production and performance are monitored by internal and external audits to assess the adherence to the standard operational procedures of each department. We also maintain auditing programs to verify our suppliers' ability to provide consistent products meeting our strict quality requirements.

SBC makes quality the most important ingredient in any product we produce.

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   SBC has developed many new products for us in the past 7 years.  We just give them the product type and SBC creates a product with a private label advantage for us!  We immediately have the leading product in our market.

- Baard, Norway

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